Don’t be left in the dark this winter

Winter is just around the corner! With longer nights, securing your valuable assets is even more important. Don’t let thieves have the upper hand, protecting your site is just a phone call away.

Advance Guarding can give you peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. We offer static guards, mobile patrols or a combination of both, together with the latest in CCTV innovation.

If you have a construction site that needs protection, Advance Guarding can install a CCTV system around your premises, this links to motion sensors and a call centre. When the intruder triggers a sensor, images are recorded for later evidence, while the monitoring station will instruct one of our patrols to visit your site. This can give you a significant upper hand in crime prevention. Our CCTV solutions can work 24 hours without a break, so whether you are closing up for the weekend or Christmas holiday, your site will have dependable 24-hour cover.

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Warning signs and cctv on a building site